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"gDEBugger is an excellent solution to help OpenGL developers performance tune their applications. AMD's graphics product group has been working with Graphic Remedy to ensure that gDEBugger fully supports the hardware performance features of our Radeon™ and FireGL™ products. The integration of hardware counters provides a much more detailed, in-depth analysis than is possible with a software-only solution and will aid developers in achieving the optimum graphics performance on AMD products."

Callan McInally,
Senior Manager of GPU Developer Tools, AMD

"gDEBugger has become an important tool when resolving OpenGL issues with our developers. By allowing us to communicate the exact GL calls that are incorrect, we can clearly demonstrate situations where rendering artifacts are caused by an application error. This resulted in saving a lot of time assisting the developer in fixing their application."

Sébastien Dominé,
Manager of Developer Technology Tools, NVIDIA

"gDEBugger is an excellent solution for OpenGL developers who care about the performance of their application. S3 Graphics has been working extensively with Graphic Remedy to ensure that gDEBugger fully supports our current and future graphics architectures. The integration of gDEBugger with S3 Graphics hardware performance metrics gives developers valuable, in-depth analysis of any OpenGL application to get the most out of our hardware using this advanced product."

Iming Pai,
VP of Software, S3 Graphics Co., Ltd.

"gDEBugger is the perfect solution to create high performance OpenGL applications and games. Using gDEBugger its extremly easy to locate any errors or performance bottlenecks. gDEBuggers's feature to locate resource leaks greatly helps to develop stable applications. Even though its a powerful tool, gDEBugger only requires a minimal time effort to get it set up and running, thus resulting in reduced development time."

Dr. Torsten Hans,

"gDEBugger has been used extensively within ATI by both our driver and developer relations engineering teams. The combination of gDEBugger with the ATI hardware performance counters facilitates the in-depth analysis of OpenGL applications. This ensures that the applications developed for ATI products perform to their maximum potential."

Jonathan Zarge,
Developer Tools Lead, ATI Technologies inc.

"Gelato performance improved after the first pass through gDEBugger. The Gelato team uses gDEBugger daily to visually debug complex GPGPU algorithms."

Daniel Wexler,
Gelato Developer, NVIDIA Digital Film Group

"Each new release of gDEBugger makes this tool more and more invaluable. We cannot see any competitor for this product right now. Any OpenGL developer should have a look."

Christophe Delépine,
ThalesView team, Thales Group

"gDEBugger is a fantastic Debugging and Profiling tool. Using the built-in graphing tools, I was able to quickly track down where the bottlenecks were in my application. Having the OpenGL command stream right there great - I was able to improve performance by 40% just by removing all the redundant calls. I recommend it for anyone doing real-time graphics using OpenGL."

Jiawen Chen,
Graduate Student, MIT

"Our process of implementaing general purpose computer vision algorithm on the GPU has become significantly more productive since using gDebugger. I found a major error in our complex multipass rendering implementation within minutes. And best of all - I didn't have to add hundreds of lines of debugging code! Profiling is simple with the seamless integration of counters provided by Nvidia perfkit instrumented driver. Got a 21% speedup."

Jan Woetzel,
Research Assistant, University of Kiel

"Although we are just beginning to use gDEBugger, it has already proven to be a powerful tool in profiling graphics performance. It has an intuitive user interface and it is robust enough to handle our gigantic application and can profile long simulations. It is so easy to capture and compare statistics with gDEBugger. I am extremely happy with this product."

Judith Stanley,
Software Engineer, DTL Corp.

"gDEBugger is a great safety net for all OpenGL programmers!"

Harold Hunt,
Director of Engineering, StarNet Communications Corp

"I find gDEBugger an invaluable time saver, especially with respect to the ease with which shader states can be investigated. I am currently trying to integrate my code with (very) obfuscated source, and regularly find myself turning to gDEBugger to help me out of dark moments of confusion."

Mike Hudson,
GPGPU Programer

"gDEBugger is a one of a kind. A powerhouse for debugging and profiling, encompassing all the features one would could want during the development of OpenGL applications. It's intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to pick it up and use it right out of the box without the need to consult a hefty manual. People migrating to OpenGL from Direct3D looking for a PIX equivalent, look no further."

Steven Tovey,
Student, Liverpool John Moores University

"I would like to congratulate you about gDEBugger. It's really a great program that saves days and days of painfull GL debugging and extremely ease of use. gDEBugger helped us a lot to find abnormal GL settings against native OSG (Open Scene Graph) error report. We found gDEBugger to be simple, efficient and meets our needs. I could only recommand, it just helps!"

Igor Kravtchenko,
Senior 3D Programmer, Web site

"gDEBugger is an amazing development assistant tool for OpenGL programming. It illustrates all the running status of your OpenGL program and helps you visually catch the bug in your code with so convenient and friendly UI. Before when developing some rendering algorithms, a small error always costs me long time to print out all the OpenGL status values for debugging and it's really awesome. Currently with gDEBugger, my development efficiency is greatly improved. What's more, Graphic Remedy's academic program support graphics researcher 1 year free license and I appreciate it so much. If you are a graphics researcher using OpenGL development, I recommend you to try such excellent software and it will definitely do you a great favor."

Zhao Dong,
Max-Plank-Institut Informatik

"After I presented it to my class, gDEBbugger became the reference tool for OpenGL training and debugging of 3D applications. From the beginning, the students learned how to optimize their code and use the API in an efficient way!! The best tool in the market!!"

Ing. Didier Desmangles,
Ecole Superieure d'Infotronique d'Haiti

"The first time I heard of gDEBugger was in the tutorial "Using the Graphics Processing Unit for Computer Vision" by E. Scott Larsen in CVPR 2006 where he suggested gDEBugger as the best debugger for GPU programming. I think that gDEBugger has far exceeded my expectation for handling the issues of debugging openGL programs. I think gDEBugger is a must have for anyone intending to use OpenGL and would be especially helpful when performing scientific computations using the GPU."

Mani Thomas,
Student, University of Delaware

"gDEBugger is one of the most valuable tools for OpenGL software development. The need to litter the code with glGet* to gain a minimal insight used to be a major setback. Debugging OpenGL is still a challenging task, but it becomes manageable with gDEBugger. It changed the debugging process from disaster management to preventive analysis of suspicious code fragments. The state comparison tool is particularly helpful since it allows finding accidental state changes in no time."

Malte Clasen,
Research Assistant, Zuse Institute Berlin

"gDEBugger is the most important tool for everybody out there, who wants to create error free OpenGL applications. The hardware counter support, as well as the ability to correct shader during execution are features which nobody should miss."

Sebastian Schmittner,

"gDEBugger is not only a great debugging and profiling tool, but also a useful teaching tool. In particular, being able to track OpenGL state variables while stepping through a program makes it easier to teach graphics programming. The Academic Program is an excellent resource for educators and students."

Ying Zhu,
Georgia State University

"Amazing openGL debugging software which has helped solved several issues in Future Pinball as well as enhanced my understanding of openGL."

Christopher Leathley,
Future Pinball

"As we were developing Mafate 2.0, gDEBugger became essential to identify bottlenecks in the rendering pipeline. It helps getting an efficient textures management as well. Together with NVIDIA NVPerfKit integration, gDEBugger allows you to find how and where to optimize your creation quickly and easily. It is definitely a great tool for any 3D developer for debugging and optimizing your OpenGL code."

Software Developer, NP Cube

"With the advent of next-generation multi-platform game middleware, gDEBugger is becoming a must-have tool to help game developers achieve both performance and portability."


"gDEBugger has given us an easy and quick way of debugging the rendering pipeline. Within 20 minutes of using the product I was able to identify 3 rendering bottlenecks, and one OpenGL error. In the past, two of these errors would have gone unnoticed (Probably indefinitely). Another nice feature is the texture logging. When using multi pass rendering to render to a texture, it becomes easy to see the exact rendered output of that pass. gDEBugger is a great tool, and I’ll recommend it to anyone Using OpenGL. It’s a Must Have."

Maarten "McClaw" Kronberger,
Sulaco,  emperion-empire

"After spending two hours to track codes for finding an OpenGL bug, I still can't solve the problem. But using the gDEBugger, In just less than ten minutes, I find out the bug. It's really amazing and I even haven't started to read the document. It's an amazing tool for OpenGL programmer, powerful and intuitive. If you are an OpenGL programmer, you have to try it by yourself."

Owen Wu,
fallingCAT Studios

"gDEBugger will make the nights for lots of students like me more the way they should be. Hanging out with friends, not debugging OpenGL."

Bastian Moldenhauer,
Student, Technical University Darmstadt