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OpenGL debugger and profiler

gDEBugger GL Features

Texture and Buffers Viewer

gDEBugger - Texture and Buffers Viewer

Statistics Viewer

gDEBugger - Statistics Viewer

Graphic Memory Analysis Viewer

gDEBugger - Graphic Memory Analysis Viewer

Shaders Source Code Editor

gDEBugger - Shaders Source Code Editor

State Variables Comparison Viewer

gDEBugger - State Variables Comparison Viewer

Source Code Viewer

gDEBugger - Source Code Viewer

Call Stack View

gDEBugger - Call Stack View

Calls History View

gDEBugger - Calls History View

Performance Dashboard View

gDEBugger - Performance Dashboard View

Performance Graph View

gDEBugger - Performance Graph View

Process Events View

gDEBugger - Process Events View The Process Events View displays events that occur during the debugged process execution. Such events are:

Properties View

gDEBugger - Properties View

OpenGL State Variables View

gDEBugger - OpenGL State Variables View

Breakpoints Dialog

gDEBugger - Breakpoints Dialog

Render Context Information Dialog

The Render Context Information Dialog displays render context and pixel format details such as:

NVIDIA GLExpert Settings Dialog

gDEBugger - NVIDIA GLExpert Settings Dialog

System Information Dialog

gDEBugger - System Information Dialog The System Information dialog collects computer configuration data and OpenGL implementation details such as:

Debug Toolbar

The Debug Toolbar allows quick access to debug commands such as:

Execution Mode Toolbar

The Execution Mode Toolbar allows the user to switch between gDEBugger's various execution modes. The available execution modes are:

Interactive Mode Toolbar

OpenGL Calls History Toolbar

The OpenGL Calls History Toolbar lets you access the Calls History Commands, such as:

Performance Analysis Toolbar

The Performance Analysis Toolbar offers tools that enable identifying application's graphic pipeline bottlenecks. Such commands are:

Raster Mode Toolbar

The Raster Mode Toolbar enables you to force the OpenGL polygon raster mode.

Threads and Contexts Toolbar

The Threads and Contexts Toolbar allows quick navigation between the contexts and threads, gDEBugger views will display the relevant thread/context information.


gDEBugger - Main Window